How to relate to newspaper articles and media reports in our time

The best way to deal with media bias on Israel is to learn the facts and this article will turn you into an informed critic.

Dr. Shmuel Katz

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Shmuel Katz new
Due to the increased media assault on Israel, on Jews and on many individuals in the free world, we have to develop special skills in order to be able to read and communicate effectively. The following points may represent some of the important things that should be done" 

1.  Many newspapers and media outlets have been notorious for many years for their anti Israeli and anti Jewish positions. They will be very reluctant to publish articles or give ample space to voices that do not represent their own political agenda.

2.  These newspapers and media outlets, are masters at manipulating the truth, publicizing half truths and even presenting pure lies, in masterful articles and presentations, which may affect the ignorant among their audiences.

3.  Addressing some articles is difficult because they are loaded with a hodgepodge of true and false information. Debunking all the false points that they make would force you to write very long comments about these issues which may dilute the main arguments.

4.  A wise reader may have noticed that these newspapers and media outlets bring the majority of the anti-Israeli points at the beginning of their articles, assuming that many people will not read the article till the end, where they may present a pro Israeli point which allows them to claim that they are fair and balanced. Therefore, many readers retain only the basic information that the newspaper or the media outlets wanted to feed them.

5.  There is no point in fighting the newspapers on every single detail, but it is important to expose the major points on which they ignore the truth, promote false claims and use double standards. This approach will undermine the credibility of these newspapers or media outlets in the eyes of both readers and viewers.

In general, newspapers and Media outlets care about their reputation. However, often they will do things which undermine their own reputation if the message is in line with their own ideology, or if it will generate financial support from some interest groups. Addressing information from radical sources, probably will have no serious effect on their future performance, but  it is very important that we are aware of what they say against all of us. For example:  Honest Reporting, CAMERA  and Palestinian Media Watch are doing a good job in exposing some of these issues.

6.  Among the key points that should be addressed, in reference to the current events in the Middle East, is dispelling the lie that Israel is the illegal occupier of Arab Palestinian land in Judea and Samaria. If you want to be very generous and accommodate evil self-serving and corrupt Arab leadership, and its supporters, you may use the term "disputed territories" which should be discussed and settled in open and honorable direct peace negotiations.

Unfortunately, peace negotiations at the present time are very unlikely, due to the fact that Arab Palestinian leadership will not recognize a Jewish state in the land of Israel within any borders. In addition, to make sure that the conflict will continue way into the future, they continue to poison the minds of their own children and the minds of their willing accomplices within the international community. 

8.  Many people in the world do not care about Israel, and think that bashing Israel will give them a "feel good" cause, in a sea of miserable personal failures. By doing so they are oblivious to the fact that they may be undermining their own future and personal safety. In the history of the world it was proven time after time, that whatever starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews.

9.   Addressing the legal issues in the Middle East, there is an overwhelming amount of information that can be reviewed. For example: 

a. Israel's Legal Founding - Alan Dershowitz,  Professor of Law: 

d. History and Legal rights of the land in the Middle East by Dr. Jaques Gautier :
– Who owns Jerusalem?
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f. One of the IMPORTANT books by Howard Grief addresses this issue: “The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel Under International Law”

10. Another important topic that should be addressed is the need to identify who the Arab Palestinians are. Throughout history, those called Palestinians were mainly the Jews and only after the establishment of the State of Israel, in their ancestral homeland, the name "Palestine" became associated more with certain Arabs.

The Truth About Palestinians: Origins of the word Palestine

The analysis of the book "From Time Immemorial" will give you an insight to some relevant research about the Arab Palestinians, where they came from and when.

11.  Bringing up responsible and accurate factual information, may draw the attention of honorable people who would like to find out more and learn about the facts, beyond the data manipulation. Examples of this information can be found on the following sites:

12. One of the most important pieces of information that has to be shared with the oblivious individuals who support the radicals today, is the fact that these villains do not discriminate!! Any individual who disagrees with them, whether infidel or moderate Muslim, will become a target. If the Radical Muslims who sympathize with Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, etc. achieve a substantial hold in the free world, all of us may be in danger. The evidence of terror attacks on innocent individuals across the globe is overwhelming. 

Shocking Video - Radical Islam’s Children Training to kill ALL Infidels and take over the free world:

13. The sooner we will wake up, the better our future will be. Therefore, extensive global media efforts including extensive use of various outlets of the alternative media, are becoming very important factors in this major fight for the minds of people in the free world. 

A safe and stable free world will benefit all of us, and therefore, all of us will have to work for it to happen!