A look from overseas at America and its people

I love America and I love its ordinary people, the ones who voted to pull their great country back from the abyss - and just in time.

Dr. Inna Rogatchi,

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Inna Rogatchi

The last hours before the election day in the USA, not expecting a miracle, I glanced at the TV screen, almost by chance. I saw a giant crowd of Mannequins at the Clinton rally, both literally and metaphorically: celluloid faces with an identical expression of pretending, supporting it-does-not-matter what as long, as it went in their direction. The direction which damaged their country morally, but not only, in devastating proportion, and brought it to the edge of decency, almost to the point of no return.

In that Mannequins crowd, both young and old enthusiasts impressed me, with their empty eyes and their glued caricature smiles, and their overwhelming arrogance. Not the trade-mark arrogance for their candidate and her team and camp, but the arrogance of lies. That was a disappointing picture, and I sighed deeply.

And then, with far less TV time coverage, of course, I saw the Trump rally. I saw there a full house of totally different people. Not very fancily dressed but with faces expressing something real, questing of something, each for his or her own, serious, concentrated, attentive. Real people.

I saw the other America.  The America I used to know and love. The America you can trust  because even if those people might do something wrong or not succeed in something, you know that they did try. I saw real people and I loved that scene. Seeing those serious, quiet, concerned, unpretentious people, I felt for them. I was reflecting on humanitarian grounds. I was thinking of what would happen to them and their families if the forces of lies and despicable dishonesty would prevail.

They did not deserve it, I thought. America - in which there still are people like those - did not deserve it either.

And G-d heard them.

I do not want to discuss the repulsive, except for FOX, American media, or the vast majority of the international ones, except for Arutz Sheva, for that matter; I do not want to speak about those ridiculous pollsters and all kinds of "experts" both inside the USA and anywhere in the world; I am fed up with most of Holly- and Shmollywood , all the profoundly sleazy nobodies, even if they can sing and dance. It is not just that losers are always pathetic and irrelevant. They proved, once again, to be also irrelevant as human beings, to me, and their dances and songs do not matter, they practice mannequin craft. 

I am very glad for so many reasons. Reasonability will return to the United States of America. Responsibility, too. The natural order of things, in many areas. The healthy attitude to life - with mistakes and flops, naturally. Nobody is perfect. But the America I used to know, and felt a camaraderie with, did say its word, and it will be returning back from the awfully derailed track it was on for twenty four years, almost a generation, because two terms of the Bush clan did not do any favour to the country and the world either.

I have no illusions about imperfections of President Trump. They are many, and some of them are serious. But I do have respect for the man who did show the incredible guts to go through this extraordinary difficult campaign and who did show such resolve, determination and abilities amidst a hysterically hateful environment. The man who behaved so steadily, calmly and respectfully after his historical win.

All the campaign through, I kept educating my various friends in many countries that in the case of Trump,  it is his team who is of the most importance. I am beaming with happiness writing the words ‘Vice-president Mike Pence’, because knowing Mike for decade or so, I never saw him changing, except for the better. There are a very rare breed, the politicians of Mike Pence's sort - honest, real, decent, the men of principles and the men of deeds. This kind of man is the Golden Depository of any nation.

I am beaming while writing about Rudy Giuliani and his team who will be back to the action now, to the huge relief of Americans and us all. I am very glad that people like James Woolsey and his team be repairing their country from the colossal damage that it suffered from the years of treason and abuse, from inside and from the top.

I am very hopeful that General Mike Flynn and his people will start to implement real defence, not greedily pushing a once great country into the abyss of perversions of all kinds and sorts. And that Newt Gingrich and John Bolton will come back with their reasonability, decency, logic, knowledge, understanding – and important experience which in essence is astonishingly simple: it recognises black from white in a natural way.

In my substantially long career, and after speaking with many key figures of modern history, I have learned this lesson: when the situation in our societies and in the world is getting dangerously close to the ultimate edge, salvation is coming in the face of an outsider and against all odds. It is what happened previously with President Truman and President Reagan, closely so with Margaret Thatcher, certainly with Pope John Paul II and President Vaclav Havel.

The pattern is repeated now with the 45th President of the USA Donald Trump and - crucially, importantly - his team. The appearance of the people who are able to restore moral balance at the vital moment under the most daring circumstances never comes by chance. It comes in a form of salvation, indisputably, but responding and reflecting the mass and the condition of energy of the people who are in dire need of this restoration of balance, people who feel the urge to return to normality. If the quantity of those people is substantial enough for salvation to happen, it will. This is the pre-condition for their will to be heard and to be transformed in making their lives healthier and their society decent.

The elections of the 45th President of the United States were about the people I saw in the last Trump’s rally, but also before that at many other occasions during that unbelievable campaign all over America - modest, normal, real Americans who did care about their country and their lives.

My biggest joy over this election result is for them, for the Americans in non-fancy clothes, but with big hearts and a lot of guts, for the Americans who do know right from wrong without cashing on it. For the America I love.

November, 2016

Rome, Italy

Dr Inna Rogatchi is the writer, scholar and film-maker, the president of The Rogatchi Foundation, and the senior international affairs adviser to the Members of the European Parliament.