Swedish "neutrality" has brought in the Islamist Trojan Horse

The Green Party and the green flag of Islam?

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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When in 1988 the Greens landed at Swedish Parliament for the first time, they were called “the sons of seal”. Since then, their environmentalism has always supported political ideological battles. During the Cold War it was pacifism: “How to talk about ecology without talking about Vietnam?” So they said then. Today it is the turn of migrants and multiculturalism.

Now the Greens, who are part of the ruling coalition in Stockholm, are shaken by the accusation of being infiltrated by Islamic fundamentalists. Last week, the Minister of Housing, Mehmet Kaplan, resigned after the press revealed his ties with the Nationalist Islamists in his country of origin, Turkey (he also compared Israel to the Nazis).

Lars Nicander at the Swedish National Defence College said that “today people close to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist party, have gained a strong position in the Green Party. I see a similarity with the way that Soviet communism was acting during the Cold War, when it tried to infiltrate into various democratic parties”.

Two senior officials of the Greens, Jon Karlfeld and Anders Wallner, stated that “although there are no signs of infiltration, the Green Party will go on and investigate the potential vulnerabilità”.

After Kaplan's resignation, it was the turn of Yasri Khan, a candidate for a seat in the political leadership of the Greens and a former president of the organization “Muslims for Peace and Justice”, who refused to shake hands with a female journalist, in compliance with the Sharia, Islamic law . The prime minister, Stefan Löfven,, who already has to manage the entry of 250,000 immigrants in a country of 10 million people, had to intervene to condemn intolerance. 

According to numerous surveys, 65 percent of Swedes now want the Greens, the most vocal advocates of open borders, to be expelled from the ruling coalition. “In our desire to embrace a pluralistic and multicultural society, we have turned a blind eye on the undemocratic views [they espouse],” said Gulan Avci, a member of the rightist opposition.

Trying to cool tempers, the leader of the Green Party Asa Romson, who is also a deputy prime minister, has made it worse and in a TV interview she described the September 11 attacks as “accidents”. Then founder of the Greens, Per Gahrton, has said that the former minister Kaplan was the victim of a witch-hunt concocted by Israel. Gahrton was the president of the Palestine Solidarity Association for ten years.

But it does not end here. New images have emerged in which Kaplan and other members of the Greens raise their four fingers, the gesture used by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. One of them, the young Greens leader Salahaden Raoof, repeated the gesture during a broadcast on Swedish television. The four fingers raised to the sky is a reference to the Rabaa mosque, in Cairo: Rabaa, which in Arabic means “four." It is where the largest sit-in in the capital took place, where the Muslim Brotherhood had gathered the day of deposition of Mohammed Morsi.

Stockholm excels only in a particular type of hate, the one against Israel.
The gesture is not illegal in Sweden, but many Green members now question if representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood are compatible with the feminist and gay friendly platform of the Swedish Greens.

This “infiltration”, as it has been called, fomented anti-Semitism in Sweden. For the Global Peace Index, Sweden is a world model of equal opportunities. Stockholm excels only in a particular type of hate, the one against Israel. Social democratic, feminist and humanitarian, eurocommissioner 1999-2009, the minister of foreign affairs, Margot Wallström, charged Israel of “extrajudicial executions” in the Third Intifada.

A year ago, Sweden was officially the first EU country to recognize the “State of Palestine”. Meanwhile, anti-Semitism is fomented and flourishing in a large sector of Swedish society:

  •  The Israeli ambassador to Stockholm, Isaac Bachman, has been asked on the radio: “Are the Jews responsible for the growth of anti-Semitism?”
  • Omar Mustafa had to resign from the Social Democrats for having called for “bombarding” Israel.
  • The government has funded with 104,000 € a manual entitled “Colonialism and Apartheid”, which accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing.
  • The Swedish pension fund divested from the Israeli company Elbit.
  • The main Swedish supermarket chain, Coop, has eliminated some Israeli products from the shelves of its six hundred outlets (boycott eventually canceled due to protests).
  • Dagens Nyheter, the most sophisticated Swedish newspaper, published an editorial entitled “It is allowed to hate the Jews” in which the author, the historian of religions Jan Samuelson, explains that Islamic hatred of the Jewish State is justified.
  • The Stockholm National Museum has exhibited a work “of art” with a picture of Hanadi Jaradat, a Palestinian suicide bomber who killed 21 Israelis in a restaurant in Haifa.

During the Cold War, the Soviets took advantage of the famous Swedish “neutralità” with its rejection of the US-USSR conflict, the rapid recognition of Mao’s China, the suspension of relations with America after the bombing of North Vietnam, the nuclear disarmament preached by Swedish PM Olof Palme, the Swedish socialism and “non-alignment”, in short, the Swedish disengagement from the West.

A very ambiguous neutrality is now tinged with green: the color of Islam.