Where is the World When it Comes to 4 Israeli Orphans?

Going about its regular business. That's where it is. They were only Jews, after all, and "occupying" ones to boot.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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The images are tragic: Jewish bodies lying on the road and inside the car, Jewish blood all over the car, four Jewish orphans who fled the scene...A scene that is all too reminiscent of the Holocaust.

Jewish bodies turned into fountains of blood from delirious Islamist murderers who shouted "Allah Akbar". 

Jewish children aged 4 months, 4, 7 and 9 years old witnessed their parents being gunned down,. Jews slaughtered just because they were Jews in the Biblical Samaria region.

The Holocaust does not stand for the need for more tolerance, but for the need for a strong Israel.
A rabbi and dedicated educator, Eitam Henkin, and his wife, Naama Henkin, deleted from the face of earth. 

They lived in Neria, a lovely, thriving Jewish community in the Binyamin area which the world calls a "settlement". The same town of the Schijveschuurder family, another Jewish family slain, five of them murdered at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem while enjoying a peaceful lunch. 

Meanwhile, in New York, the Palestinian Authority's Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was preaching to the world about Israel's "sins" - and the world applauded him by raising the "Palestinian" flag at the United Nations. Don't be fooled, today nobody will denounce the bloody murderers of the Henkin's family. They were, in fact, labelled as "occupiers", deprived of their moral and legal dignity, of their right to life.  And they were only Jews.

The Holocaust does not stand for the need for more tolerance, but for the need for a strong Israel with the best weapons of war, backed worldwide by proud Jews standing for the Torah values of justice and destroying Amalek.

And these post-Oslo killings do not stand for the need for more Israeli concessions but for the need to end all concessions until the Arabs and the Muslim world demonstrate in their streets in favour of peace with Israel and remove all anti-Semitic hatred from their media, schools and mosques. 

And the world, the Western media and the Western governments should feel ashamed for their silence about these 4 Jewish orphans and their double standard. Is Jewish blood like water?

Today, remember, candies are distributed in Gaza to celebrate the spilling of Jewish blood.