Israel is Europe’s last Bulwark against Islam

If Europe thinks Israel is expendable, think again.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Israel is Europe’s last bulwark against Islam”

A few weeks ago, the Iranian regime released a propaganda clip featuring a scene where Muslim soldiers are seen marching over Jerusalem, conquering the Temple Mount and converting the land of Israel to Islamic rule. During the same period, Islamic State posted a video to rally efforts for its planned attack and capture of “Romia”, Rome, the historic Christian capital. The propaganda refers to the Libya, which lies just 1,200 miles by sea from Tripoli, Libya, as the "gate to Rome."

These videos, just a couple taken from the fertile Jihadist propaganda machine, are the proof of what Western public opinion refuses to admit: Israel is Europe’s last defense against Islam. Israel is not a “bulwark of democracy”, as many pro-Israel secular supporters repeat in the West, just as it was America's mistake during the Cold War to define Israel as a “bulwark against Soviet expansionism”.

Many in Europe are pleased when Ayatollah Khamenei predicts that Israel won’t survive the next 25 years.
Israel is a bastion against an Islamic onslaught on the rest of the Judeo-Christian world.

Israel is the last bulwark keeping Islamism from engulfing Europe. And not only a military bulwark, but a bulwark of values too.

If Israel were to be invaded, the world would witness a genocide of monstrous proportions. This tiny country, eight million people who came from the four corners of the earth to build a kind of enlightened enclave in a sea of fanaticism, has almost the entire world arrayed against her. A venerable magazine such as the Atlantic Monthly asked, “Will Israel Live to 100?”, in an article in which the authors explained that the chances for Israel’s survival are not good.

And while the Atlantic was wondering whether Israel could survive, many others ask whether it should. Many in Europe are pleased when Ayatollah Khamenei predicts that Israel won’t survive the next 25 years.

Israel is the new Venice, reminding us of when in 1571 the alliance between France and the Sultan opened the doors to the Ottomans’ march over Vienna. With one difference: Israel is not willing to meet the same fate as Marcantonio Bragadin, Venice’s governor of Famagosta, skinned alive by the Turks, his ears and nose cut off after an eleven months’ siege.

If Europe falls to the Jihadist tsunami, Israel will be more open to the disaster. But if Israel falls, Europe will be just as certainly finished by those who want to march over Jerusalem. It is in Europe’s interests to admit this painful and unavoidable truth.

We Europeans will pay a horrible price if we betray the heroic Jewish nation.