Dear Mr. Romney...

This letter has an important insight for the Republican presidential candidate and it might let his rival see the light as well.

Gerald A. Honigman,

OpEds Honigman

I've been holding off writing this piece.

I don't want to do anything which might risk, in any way, your defeat of Farakhan's messiah and Reverend Wright's virtual nephew in November 2012.
Nevertheless, I have now come to believe that silence might backfire even worse--so, here it goes…
Governor Romney, there's much about you that any truly objective person should be able to find admirable. Having said that, I am still faced with a dilemma and will adress part of it below.

I recently heard news that former Secretary of State, James Baker III, has endorsed your candidacy…
As a solid Republican who has served several occupants of the White House (especially both Bush I and II), that was to be expected. Yet, even though he is an influential figure in the Republican Party with important connections and other evidently attractive pluses, there is no doubt that Baker carries some very serious baggage along with him.
Governor Romney, it's been really tough trying to convince many of my fellow tribe members that Thor will not strike them dead from above with his hammer if they dare to vote against Democrats. As a former Democrat (and now an Independent), I have been working at this non-stop for years now.

A close relationship between you and Baker, however, will greatly complicate these efforts.
Back in 2008, and for similar reasons, Baker was cozying up to Senator McCain as well. So, let me set the stage a bit…
Rather than reinventing the wheel, please check out these excerpts from a Jason Maoz article which appeared on May 12, 2006 in
McCain told Haaretz that as president, he would "micromanage" U.S. policy toward Israel and the Palestinians and would dispatch "the smartest guy I know" to the region, presumably to jump-start a new push for a comprehensive accord.
Asked who that "smartest guy" might be, McCain responded: "Brent Scowcroft, or James Baker, though I know that you in Israel don't like Baker."
McCain foresaw "concessions and sacrifices by both sides" and indicated that Israel would be expected to "Defend itself and keep evacuating." Asked whether that meant "movement toward the June 4, 1967 armistice lines, with minor modifications," McCain, reported Haaretz, "nodded in the affirmative."
Before dealing with that last paragraph above, there's something else related to this that's even more troublesome…
Imagine, for just one moment, the public response if you suggested appointing someone for a sensitive, high position or took on as a key advisor a person who openly stated, "f_ _  the Blacks, they don't vote for us anyway" and who referred to African American employees and colleagues as his "Black Boys."

A nauseating and disastrous thought…not so ?
Well, Governor Romney, James Baker III has said just those very same things about Jews. 

Baker nonetheless likes to deflect attention from his own substantial stash by complaining about the Jews' alleged love of money.
Among many other such Bakerisms, he has referred to an Israel which did not prostrate itself low enough to others' (i.e., Arabs and State Department Arabists) demands as a wild turkey which needs to be carefully stalked.
And, while a gadzillionaire himself who hangs out with and milks Arab petro-dollar potentates (his law partner, Robert Jordan, was the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and his law firm has represented the Saudis against American 9/11 victims), Baker nonetheless likes to deflect attention from his own substantial stash by complaining about the Jews' alleged love of money.

On a personal note, I'd love to see a comparison between a typical Jewish millionaire's charitable donations and Baker's own.
Now, I'm not naïve. I know that many other folks, besides Baker and his good ole boys, still think this way. You know, the let's Jew them down crowd. Baker is just more open and honest with his ant-Semitism--in a way, a good thing.
Regardless, it still stinks.
While some of us have taken Barack Obama to task for his ties to Black racists and other anti-Semites, Baker--who may have plans for himself in a Romney Administration--is undoubtedly cut from this same nasty mold.
Governor Romney, you have spoken with pride of your relationship with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu from way back when and have also been quoted as stating that you would not expect Israel to return to the suicidal armistice lines--not borders--imposed upon it in 1949 which made the Jewish State a mere 9-15 miles wide at its waist.
As President George H. W. Bush's Secretary of State, Baker promised Iraq's Saddam Hussein's Syrian Arab twin butcher, Hafez al-Assad, a total withdrawal from the Golan Heights...without ever consulting Israel.
Recall that the Golan was lost in the June '67 War as a result of repeated Syrian attacks against Israel launched from the Heights and had been ruled by many different peoples--including Jews--throughout history. Indeed, before some imperialist trading after World War I between the Brits and the French, the Heights were to be part of the original 1920 Mandate of Palestine. Nations which repeatedly attack neighbors have often lost lands they've launched aggression from.
The final draft of UNSC Resolution 242, adopted in the wake the Six Day War (initiated via an Arab blockade of Israel--a casus belli--and other hostile acts), assured Israel that it would not have to return to the suicidal Auschwitz/armistice lines of the status quo ante and could expect a territorial compromise over the disputed territories instead. The settlement issue is largely all about this, with Obama pressuring Israel to forsake 242's promise.
During Bush I's term, despite rivalries and disagreements among themselves, Baker repeatedly used his assorted "Jew Boys" to do his State Department's dirty work to insure that Israel's security fence and barrier--constructed to make it more difficult for Arabs to deliberately disembowel Jewish children and other innocents--did not go beyond the  '49 armistice lines…the exact opposite of the intent of Resolution 242, as confirmed by all of its architects (Lord Caradon, Under Secretary of State Eugene Rostow, and so forth).
Governor Romney, despite the temptation, please be sure to place a good deal of distance between yourself and "f' the Jews they don't vote for us anyway" James Baker III.
It looks like, at long last, we may be making some decent progress at dragging Hebrew heads back above the sand.
As you well know, the coming elections promise to be close ones. Please do not hurt your chances by embracing the likes of the Jew Boys' mentor. It will be hard to make a case about President Obama's close anti-Semitic friends, advisors, and associates if Baker becomes an official member of the Romney team.
All it will take is for folks who are upset with the above situation (and many, besides Jews, would be--like tens of millions of Evangelical Christian friends of Israel who are already nervous about voting for a Mormon President) to stay home, rather than vote at all, to assure a Republican defeat.
While some may not vote for Obama, they will not be able to get themselves to vote for Governor Romney either.
That would be both a loss for our country and a shame.
Despite his money and connections, the toxic influences which accompany James Baker III simply aren't worth the risk.