Sinai Pipeline Attack

News and updates about Sinai Pipeline Attack

60 Egyptian Tanks in Sinai

Egypt reportedly sends 60 tanks, 400 armored vehicles to El Arish in biggest deployment since 1979.

60 Egyptian Tanks in Sinai

Sinai Pipeline Attack #14

Attacking the Sinai gas pipeline is now a much-loved custom among local terrorists; attack tally for the past year is 14.

Sinai Pipeline Attack #14

Attack on Egypt's Gas Pipeline

Masked gunmen blew up a terminal of the Egyptian natural gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan, the fourth time since February.

Fourth Attack on Egypt's Gas Pipeline

Egypt Pipeline Explodes Again

For the third time in the last seven months, the pipeline carrying gas from Egypt to Israel and Jordan was blown up by saboteurs.

Egypt: Pipeline Carrying Gas to Israel Explodes Again