British Green Party candidate Mothin Ali, who won the Gipton and Harehills seat with 3,070 votes, said his election to the council was a “win for the people of Gaza”.

After the results had been announced, he shouted “Allahu Akbar!” while his supporters unfurled a Palestinian flag behind him.

His victory speech included a pledge that “We will not be silenced. We will raise the voice of Gaza. We will raise the voice of Palestine. Allahu Akbar!”

Numerous other candidates running on a Gaza platform defeated their rivals, including Walsall candidate Naheed Zohra Gultasibhas. “This is for Gaza, this is for Palestine,” Gultasib said in her victory speech.

Akhmed Yakoob of West Midlands secured approximately 20% of votes in his riding with a pro-Palestinian platform.

The support for Gaza came at a severe cost for the British Labor Party, which lost over 10% of its support in some areas.