Attack (illustrative)
Attack (illustrative)Reuters

An Israeli source on Friday morning said that the aerial attack on Isfahan, Iran, "carefully calibrated," the Washington Post reported.

The source is an individual familiar with an Israeli briefing on the attack but not authorized to speak about it, the Post said.

The source also said that the IDF carried out an aerial attack within Iran in response to the Iranian barrage of missiles and UAVs launched towards Israel on Saturday night. The attack was intended to signal to Iran that Israel is capable of attacking within Iranian territory.

Iran's IRNA news agency quoted Iranian army chief Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi as saying that the explosion heard in Isfahan was due to air defense systems shooting down “a suspicious object” and that no damage was caused. Experts are investigating the incident.

Another senior Iranian official responded to the attack through the Reuters news agency emphasizing that at the present time there are no plans to respond immediately and it is not clear who is responsible for the attack.

Iranian news agencies claimed that the country is examining if the attack was launched from its own territory, and not outside of its borders, in light of the assessment that the attack was accomplished with drones or small UAVs.

Army officials admit that their radar facilities did not identify any unknown aircraft entering the country's airspace.

A official in President Biden's administration said to Reuters that the United States did not take part in the Israeli attack, and that Jerusalem updated Washington on the attack beforehand.

He added that it is estimated that Iran will not escalate the situation by attacking again.

Israel has not responded to the attack in an official fashion. The Foreign Ministry has instructed Israeli embassies around the world not to respond to the events in Iran.

An IDF spokesperson said Thursday night that there are no changes to the guidelines for the Israeli home front. If such changes are made, the public will be informed.