Haredi near the recruitment office
Haredi near the recruitment officeChaim Goldberg/Flash90

After dozens of discussions on the Draft Law, a proposal was put forward to begin drafting approximately 25% of yeshiva students who come of age each year, and later raise the percentage to 50%, which would amount to 6,000 yeshiva students, Israel Hayom reported.

According to the report, the main delay in advancing the law is connected to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who has tied his support of the bill to Minister Benny Gantz's approval of it. Gantz opposes the current draft of the law.

Currently, discussions on the details of the law are under intense discussion. Meanwhile, the haredim have agreed to allow thousands of yeshiva students to enlist, compared to the 1,200 who currently enlist each year.

According to data from haredi sources, over 1,000 young men who are exempted from army service because "their Torah is their occupation" are not in the yeshivas at all.

Many others are registered in yeshivas which haredim refer to as "yeshivas for drop-outs," attended by yeshiva students who are not capable of concentrated learning but who are registered in these yeshivas in order to avoid enlistment, mainly to keep them in a haredi environment. The haredi representatives engaged in discussions on the Draft Law are aware of this.