Yahya Sinwar
Yahya SinwarAttia Muhammed/Flash90

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich addressed this morning (Sunday) the demand that the government show more flexibility in its negotiations with the Hamas terrorist organization to return the hostages held in Gaza and the accusations that Prime Minister Netanyahu is preventing a hostage deal.

"The only person responsible for the hostages not returning home is the vile Nazi Yahya Sinwar," Smotrich wrote.

He added that "all the military and political pressure in Israel and in the world should be directed exclusively towards him. Anything else harms the chance of returning them safely and quickly home and our emerging victorious in the war."

According to him, "So too with the demand for flexible positions on our part in the negotiations - as has been proven time and time again, it only makes Sinwar harden his positions even more and pushes the return of the hostages further away."

"I call on the Prime Minister to stand firm in the face of irresponsible pressures that endanger the State of Israel and harm the goals of the war," he said.

Smotrich's comments come after S\some of the families of the hostages stated Saturday in a press release that Prime Minister Netanyahu is the obstacle to a deal, and announced that from now on they will act to replace him.

The statement made by about 20 families was opened by Ayala Mizrachi, the wife of the kidnapped Yoram Mizrachi, who said: "This is the 176th day that our family members are in Gaza. It's hard for us to say the following but we have no choice. The one who left us no choice is the Prime Minister who rejects proposals and takes a hard line. He prevents an Israeli proposal in the negotiations and insists on conducting it himself. Does it seem logical to you that the negotiation be conducted according to one person? The coalition pursues a policy of disregard for the hostages' families. The hostages are still in Gaza. This is a complete and deliberate failure."