Shmuel Greenberg
Shmuel GreenbergYaakov Lederman/Flash 90

Beit Shemesh mayoral candidate Shmuel Greenberg on Sunday defeated incumbent Mayor Aliza Bloch in the runoff of the municipal elections.

Greenberg received the support of all the haredi parties in the city after he advanced to the runoff against Bloch.

At a victory event on Sunday night, Greenberg told Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, "I thank God, we won, Beit Shemesh won, as of tomorrow morning there will be a new day here. We will act in unity with all sectors and bring unity and action in the city. There will be a wall-to-wall coalition with all factions, those who are haredi and those who are not."

Hebrew video:

שמואל גרינברג לערוץ 7ערוץ 7

The chairman of Degel Hatorah, MK Moshe Gafni, arrived at Greenberg's house after the announcement of the results to congratulate him on his election as mayor.

In the first round, the Shas Party supported Deputy Minister of Agriculture Moshe Abutbul, who failed to advance to the runoff and then endorsed Greenberg.

Greenberg served as the deputy mayor of Beit Shemesh on behalf of Degel Hatorah. He is a graduate of the Mandel Institute, has a master's degree in public policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a bachelor's degree in law from Ono Academic College.