Noam Ben-Shalosh
Noam Ben-ShaloshKan

A well-known left-wing activist protested against Prime Minister Netanyahu while the prime minister visited the rehabilitation wing of Tel Hashomer hospital.

When he began shouting at Netanyahu, families of the wounded and others present at the time attempted to ask him to leave, saying that it was not the place for a protest.

Noam Ben-Shloush, a soldier from the 13th Battalion of the Golani Brigade who had lost his leg in combat, told Kan about the incident, which he says constituted a traumatic trigger for some of the soldiers who had been wounded in combat.

“He began to shout, and it didn't impress me to begin with. Many people asked him to leave because this was neither the time or place, among them my mother. He became angry with her and called her stupid. When I heard that, the soldier in me was reawakened. They had to calm me down.”

Footage of the incident shows Ben-Shloush pursuing the protester while hopping on one leg and shouting at the protester. He recounted in an interview: “You cannot take advantage of the rehabilitation wing, where there is also mental rehabilitation going on, for a protest. There are people who were burned by politics and the senior officials responsible for the security of the state. If you begin to say things connected to that, it triggers them.”

“You cannot shout that the blood of the soldiers who were killed in action is on Netanyahu's hands. You're talking about my blood and that of sixteen of my comrades who were killed that day. It seriously upset me.”