Humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza
Humanitarian aid convoy to GazaAbed Rahim Katib/Flash 90

The Qatari Foreign Ministry officially announced that an agreement was reached between Israel and Hamas on the provision of medicines to the hostages being held in Gaza in exchange for greater amounts of humanitarian aid being allowed into Gaza.

The mediation efforts were initiated by Qatar and France. According to the agreement, Israel will allow more medicine and humanitarian aid for the benefit of the residents of the Gaza Strip - in exchange for the hostages being allowed to receive the medicine they need.

The medicines and aid will be sent tomorrow to el-Arish in Egypt on two planes - in preparation for their transfer to the Gaza Strip.

The Prime Minister's Office announced: "At the direction of Prime Minister Netanyahu and following the conclusion of discussions of Mossad chief Barnea with Qatar on the issue of supplying medicine to the Israeli hostages - tomorrow, two Qatari Air Force planes are expected to take off to Egypt, carryingthe medicines purchased in France, according to a list compiled in Israel, in accordance with the medical needs of the hostages."

"Upon the arrival of the planes in Egypt, the medicines will be transferred by representatives of Qatar into the Gaza Strip to their final destination.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted to convey his appreciation to all those who helped during the process.

"Israel insists that all the medicines reach their destination," the PMO statement concluded.

Hamas has not allowed the Red Cross to visit or provide medical assistance to any of the hostages who were kidnapped on October 7. The Red Cross has refused requests by the families of hostages who require medications to accept those medications and attempt to give them to the hostages.