Sergeant Major (Res.) Adi Shani OBM
Sergeant Major (Res.) Adi Shani OBMIDF Spokesperson

The IDF has cleared for publication on Wednsday that Sergeant Major (Res.) Adi Shani, age 39, from Tzur Yitzhak, a reconnaissance soldier in Logistics Unit 6036, fell in battle in the northern Gaza Strip.

In addition, a soldier from the Givati Brigade's 424th Battalion was severely wounded in battle in the northern Gaza Strip.

The wounded soldier was evacuated to receive medical care, and his family was notified.

Earlier in the day, the IDF announced that Staff Sergeant (res.)Yehonatan Malka, 23, from Be'er Sheva, fell in battle in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, Lieutenant Yochai Gur Hershberg, 52, fell in a military accident in southern Israel.

On Tuesday, the IDF cleared for publication of the names of two soldiers who fell in battles in the Gaza Strip: Master sergeant (res.) Matan Damari, 31, from Dimona, who was killed by mortar fire in the northern Gaza Strip, and Master sergeant (res.) Ilay Eliyahu Cohen, 23, from Beit Nehemia.