IDF soldiers in Gaza
IDF soldiers in GazaIDF spokesperson

The Soldiers' Mothers Headquarters, which includes hundreds of mothers of soldiers currently fighting at the front, on Tuesday morning responded to reports that two soldiers from Battalion 601 fell while battling terrorists - even though the building could have been demolished in an air strike.

The mothers called on the IDF to fight while protecting the lives of Israel's soldiers, without bringing in foreign considerations or humanitarian, legal, or international considerations - and take into account only operational considerations.

"The lives of our soldiers come before the lives of the enemy's civilians," they said. "There must not be any considerations which stop the strong hand of the IDF. We must crush the enemy without mercy. We see the publications, that we lost two of our sons in close battle, instead of first bringing down the building from the air. We must say out loud to the IDF and the political echelon: We will not allow our soldiers to be harmed by foreign considerations. Wherever there is a doubt - there is no doubt."

"The IDF is strong, and we are behind you. Activate all of the tools for victory - without endangering our soldiers needlessly. We are strong, the nation is strong, our sons are strong - you must also be strong in the face of all the pressures. Together we will trample our enemy, until we win."

The statements follow an incident filmed in real time, in which soldiers from Battalion 601 can be seen fighting in a built-up area, at short range, and afterwards entering a building in which terrorists were hiding.

According to reports, Sergeant first class (res.)Ben Zussman and Sergeant Binyamin Yehoshua Needham fell during that battle, and two other soldiers were injured.