A family reunited
A family reunitedcourtesy of family

The family of Yarden Roman, one of the twelve Israeli hostages who were released by the Hamas terrorist organization last night (Wednesday), released a statement on her first full day of freedom after nearly eight weeks in captivity.

"After enduring 54 nerve-wracking days in Hamas captivity, Yarden was finally reunited with her family this morning. Yarden is in good health and gradually shared the harrowing experience she went through during her time in captivity. From the moment she was captured, Yarden was unaware of the fate of her 3-year-old daughter Geffen and her husband Alon. It was only after a few weeks that she learned Geffen and Alon were alive, which provided her with strength and hope," the family stated.

"In the early morning hours today, the long-anticipated reunion unfolded as sweet Geffen was joyously reunited with her mother Yarden ❤ The heartfelt hug and Geffen's big smile brought tears to everyone present.

While celebrating this reunion, the fight for the return of all abductees continues. Carmel Gat, 39, Yarden's beloved sister-in-law, and one of the last young women held by Hamas, is still in captivity. We have good reason to believe she's alive, and the entire family will continue to fight for her until she comes back. Additionally, 145 people are still held captive by Hamas. Conversations with Yarden and other returned abductees underscore the urgency, as every day in captivity increases the danger to their lives. The collective call remains: bring them all home. Now," the family's statement concluded.