MK Nissim Vaturi
MK Nissim VaturiArutz Sheva

MK Nissim Vaturi (Likud) on Monday responded to the removal of a post he published on X, which called for Gaza to "burn."

In an interview with 103 FM Radio, Vaturi said, "Specifically on the Right, people are being silenced. I said we should burn Gaza - why do we need to be ashamed? Who is left in it? Are there civilians in Gaza? Yes, it should burn."

He continued, "Every day, soldiers fall - and suddenly we bring fuel into the Strip. They murdered children - why do we need to make peace with something like that? Suddenly we become humanitarian and we need to be considerate of the whole world? Sometimes I feel like an Israeli citizen whose nation has had its children murdered, instead of like the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. Sometimes we need to be determined. The eternity of Israel is not certain."

Vaturi continued: "What is left in Gaza? Tunnels, Hamas, the accursed terrorists who murdered little children, who are holding children captive. ... I always said Hamas was born to murder children and Jews. We need to internalize this."

"I do not bring fuel into Gaza, I'm against that," he emphasized. "I do not need to agree with every action that the government takes and that the Cabinet decides. We need to crush Gaza - there's nothing else to do, Gaza is Hamas."

Vaturi also stressed that he "did not speak against the Americans."

"I praise the Americans - when they do good things, we need to say thank you," he said.

Regarding the future of the government following the war, he said, "Will the government last on the day after [the war]? I don't know. There will be time for politics."