Ship at dock
Ship at dockFlash 90 archives

To the heads of government of Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia:

You are the nearest maritime nations that support Hamas and that have furthermore failed to recognize the State of Israel.

Please send ships for your Gazan compatriots. Send them immediately.

They must arrive within 72 hours. You must safely evacuate every single Gazan woman, child and elderly person. You may divide the refugees however you see fit.

It will require hundreds of ships, making several voyages, to transport the nearly 2 million Gazans to your countries. Provided the ships arrive and evacuations begin, we will restrain ourselves from the most massive retaliation ever warranted. A cowardly and treacherous attack in which your fellow Arabs murdered hundreds of innocent civilians in cold blood on a Jewish festival dedicated to joy.

Frankly, you do not have a choice. We are bombing the Gaza Strip now. If you do not comply, we will encircle Gaza with our armor and the full might of our military. We will begin to do to Gaza what Arabs have been attempting to do to Israel for generations: drive them into the sea. All of those still there.

As always, Israel did not ask for this war. Yet after dozens of serious, unprovoked conflicts, we are officially going to finish this war. Not with an occupation, not with a ceasefire, not with a high-minded peace plan to end your forever war. But with force of arms.

If we are met with resistance, we will answer your carnage of today with carnage that you will remember for generations. It will be a response that you previously thought us too enlightened to impose. We will set Gaza ablaze block-by-block. We will reduce it to rubble. We will not stop until everט Gazan awaits emergency transport on every beach, jetty, and quay from the Egyptian border to the Israeli frontier.

Sincerely yours,


Rami Chris Robbins is a writer and real estate developer from Denver, Colorado.