Gila Almagor
Gila AlmagorFlash 90

Theater actress and former Israel Prize winner, Gila Almagor, spoke to Nesli Barda on the People show about her feelings in light of the situation in the country and the practice she adopted since her husband Yaakov Agmon fell ill: "I read a chapter of Psalms every day. Why? Just because.”

Almagor commented on the protest against the judicial reform and criticized the conduct of the government: "The fact that I sit at home, watching and not participating, is terrible. I don't know this country, and I don't remember ministers speaking in such a vulgar manner. People in the leadership of the country get up in the morning and such garbage comes out of their mouths. They went crazy. And why did the Prime Minister not stand up and just say 'shut up'?"

Almagor shared that she adopted a new tradition in recent years and explained: "Look. There is a synagogue at the end of the street. It is one of my favorite places here. I have a lot of respect. I know from where I come. Ever since Yankele became ill, I read a chapter of Psalms every day. Why? Just because. I won't go anywhere [i.e. leave the country]. I have graves here of people who gave their lives for every piece of land in this country."

Almagor added: "After all, I want them to remember that I cared. Nothing came easy to me, but I stood up to things and overcame them. I had a great life. It started badly, lasted badly, continued badly, lasted terribly, and then God threw me a rope. And there is such a thing as rescue from misfortune.”