The meeting between Adams and Porush
The meeting between Adams and PorushShlomi Amsalem/Foreign Ministery

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage Meir Porush met on Thursday morning with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who is visiting Israel, in continuation of their meeting in New York several months ago, during which the Minister invited the Mayor to visit Jerusalem.

The Mayor recounted the visits he held and the encounters he had with various people in the city in recent days.

In addition, he shared his impressions from his visit to the Toldot Avraham Yitzhak Rebbe in the hospital and was excited to hear that the rabbi was released.

During the meeting, the Minister presented the main components of the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Heritage's five-year plan to develop eastern Jerusalem, which was approved this week by the cabinet and includes an investment of over three billion shekels in the city's Arab residents. The mayor praised the Israeli government's concern for all Jerusalem residents.

Minister Porush also presented the planning led by him and the Foreign Ministery ahead of the yearly pilgrimage of thousands of Breslev Hassidim to Uman, Ukraine, for Rosh Hashana, and updated him that according to data that reached him, nearly ten thousand of those pilgrims are from New York.

He asked the Mayor for his help to enlist the American diplomats in Ukraine and neighboring countries in the joint effort to ease the pilgrims' travel.

Adams answered the request and told the Minister that he would speak with the relevant authorities on the matter. The two agreed that their teams would remain in contact on the issue.

Minister Porush stated following the meeting: "New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who I met for the third time this year, proved through actions that he is a true friend of the Jewish people and Jerusalem.

It is important that those with influence in the West understand the truth about our city, that it is the light of the world. During this meeting as well I saw how he respects Jewish heritage and offers his help with the pilgrimage of thousands of his city's residents to spend Rosh Hashana at the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev."