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A conference center in Tel Aviv has canceled the launch event of the Hebrew edition of "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters," a book by author Abigail Shrier on the growth of transgenderism among teenaged girls and the sexual reassignment surgery industry.

Two months ago, the Shovrot Shivyon (Breaking the Equality) organization raised the full amount required to publish a Hebrew translation of the 2021 book in less than a day. The book was picked up by publishing house Sela Meir.

Sela Meir announced today (Monday) that an event which was to be held in Tel Aviv next week in which Shrier was to speak about her book was cancelled as a result of protests by activists who oppose the content of the book.

Shrier wrote on Twitter: "I'm in Israel to launch the Hebrew edition of IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. The two largest book retailers ( > 70% of book sales) refuse to carry it-an unfortunate first for Israel. I'll speak in Tel Aviv on Sunday. We'll make this book launch bigger than the activists ever expected."

In her book, Shrier argues that many young girls come out as transgender as a result of social pressures and not because they are actually transgender, and that declaring oneself as transgender can have immediate social benefits but cause long-term physiological and psychological harm.

In particular, she cited data showing that there are thousands of girls and women who regret the gender reassignment surgeries they received and will now be forced to be dependent on hormonal treatment and additional surgeries for the rest of their lives.

Shovrot Shivyon chairwoman Naama Zarbiv said: "The pressure prove one thing, they are A-F-R-A-I-D. This stems from the fact that for the first time, there is a book that reveals the dangers and the whole truth behind gender reassignment surgeries. We will hold the conference and publish the book and we will not be deterred by anything. Because this is a real life saver."

"In Israel as well, more and more systems are encouraging children, especially girls, to access this destructive and irreversible process. Our job is to save the children and parents and all of us as a society," Zarbiv said.