In a heartfelt plea for help, Vicky, the mother of 15-year-old Or, shares their harrowing journey in the battle against cancer. Facing the devastating diagnosis of a tumor near the brain stem, the family had no choice but to seek specialized treatment in Vienna, as the options in Israel were limited.

Initially, their plan was to stay in a private apartment for a short period and then transition to a hospital-owned apartment to alleviate the exorbitant costs. However, circumstances took an unexpected turn, and the hospital apartment became unavailable, leaving them with the financial burden of renting a private apartment for an extended period. The monthly cost alone amounts to 1800 euros, adding strain to their already fragile situation.

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Compounding their challenges, the family's current residence is far from the medical center, as they cannot afford the exorbitant prices of nearby apartments. Lacking public transportation options, they rely on expensive private transportation, with each trip costing 100 euros each way. As they endure these daily journeys, their expenses continue to mount.

Furthermore, the high cost of kosher food further adds to their daily expenses, pushing their average daily expenditure to a staggering 800 dollars. With no financial assistance available, Vicky pleads for help, fearing the dire consequences if they are unable to continue Or's life-saving treatment due to financial constraints.

Dear readers, we implore you to open your hearts and extend a helping hand to this courageous family. Every contribution, no matter the size, can make a significant difference in securing Or's continued treatment and giving him a chance at life.

Remember, all contributions are tax-deductible under 501c3 regulations, providing an opportunity to make a meaningful impact while benefiting from tax benefits.

Let us rally together and support Or's fight for life. Your generosity and compassion can make all the difference to a young boy who dreams of a future filled with hope and healing.

May your kindness be rewarded, and may Or's journey be marked by miracles and restored health.

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