Likud MK Danny Danon wants worried supporters of Israel to understand that they need to wait and take a look at the end of the judicial reform process.

“Right now we are arguing, fighting about our stance, but I think at the end of the day we will see that we're going to have a better system in Israel,” Danon tells Israel National News. “I support the reform, but at the same time I support dialogue. I think it is our responsibility to have a dialogue before we vote on the final vote in a few weeks.”

He believes that ultimately reform to the judiciary will be passed.

“At the end of the day we will pass the reform. Maybe it will not be exactly the same but we are determined to pass it in the Knesset," he says.

According to Danon, the agreement that limits Prime Minister Netanyahu from talking about the reform because of conflict of interest is irrelevant and he must begin speaking about it.

“Look at what's happening in Israel. It's not about Netanyahu as a prime minister,” he says. “We see the demonstrations, we see what’s happening in the economy, global affairs.”

He called on Netanyahu to lead the process: “He must be the one in the front and with all due respect to all the the legal complexities, I think it’s his responsibility to lead the solution to the conflict we are seeing now in the streets of Israel.”

Danon believes that it's Netanyahu’s obligation as prime minister to present to the public why judicial reform is necessary.

“Make the case, bring the parties together, have a dialogue, and at the end of the day lead the legislation in the Knesset," he says.