I wanted to speak to Rabbi Avraham Frank, I had heard of him and the great project he and his wife are trying to implement in all schools in America and eventually in Israel and the world.

O.M.S. stands for One Moment of Silence.

Rabbi Frank and his wife wish to have all schools implement a Moment of Silence, affirming that this would be the most efficient way to improve society. They have taken it upon themselves to make this dream a reality.

Nothing has given them more satisfaction than the gratitude of principals, teachers, students, and parents of the schools that have allowed them to guide them in using this simple program.

The Rebbe of Lubavitch brought forward the Moment of silence as a project to be taken in schools no matter what religion, color, or country. The idea of taking a child and giving him one full minute where he sits in class and dedicates his time thinking to what he feels, what makes him feel good, what calms him, and let him be alone with his thoughts.

Rabbi Frank and his wife Shira hope their project will be taken by all Chabad centers around the world as they push forward this idea with their local city hall to implement it in their country as a law to be observed in all schools and eventually to bring this project to Israel too for both Jewish schools and Arab schools.