Yoaz Hendel
Yoaz HendelPR photo

For the first time since the details of the planned judicial reform were published, right-wingers are planning a demonstration calling for all sides to hold dialogue and to accept President Isaac Herzog's plan to prevent a rift between different groups in the nation.

The demonstration will take place on Saturday night at 7:30 PM at Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem.

The event is led by former Communications Minister Dr. Yoaz Hendel and will be addressed by former ISA Chief Yoram Cohen, one of the leaders of the Gush Emunim movement Pinchas Wallerstein, Rabbi Yermi Stavitski, Rabbi Ohad Taharlev, journalist Emily Amrousi, and former MK Nir Orbach.

The demonstration will be titled: "The Emergency Demonstration to Close the Rift in the Nation, to Call for Dialogue, and to accept the President's Plan to Prevent a Civil War."

Yoaz Hendel explained why he decided to initiate the event. "My friends and I are worried. The state of Israel is bigger than any political argument. We need to fix the justice system, but without an agreement, the rope will break. No one has the right to play with the danger of the country falling apart or, G-d forbid, a civil war. The job of the people on the responsible right is to ensure the completeness of the nation and the land in that order. To hold the reins and to make sure to stop this crazed galloping toward an explosion.

We call on all who think the unity of Israel is important, all who think that even an argument needs to be held responsibly, to join us on Saturday night and to shout: no to civil war, yes to the President's plan. This is the time that we need to protect our homeland," says Hendel.