Russian army unit at undisclosed location, February 20th 2022
Russian army unit at undisclosed location, February 20th 2022REUTERS

Russia has sentenced one of the last prominent Kremlin critics still in the country to eight years in prison.

Ilya Yashin, an outspoken opponent of the Putin government, was given the sentence for publishing “fake news” about the Russian military, BBC News reported.

He was one of the few critics of the regime who decided to remain in the country long after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Yashin was placed in custody for denouncing alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops in Bucha, Ukraine.

Russia passed a law after it invaded Ukraine making the spreading of “false information” a felony.

Yashin is not the first to be jailed under the law but his sentence is the longest handed out for the crime.

The opposition figure pleaded not guilty, the report said, but Judge Oksana Goryunova ruled that the defendant willfully published false reports about Russia’s military.

The charges stemmed from a report he made on Youtube in April in which he talked about the killing of Ukrainian civilians by Russian troops in Bucha, near Kyiv.

He testified that he had related both the official Russian and Ukrainian reports on the hundreds of deaths.

The prosecution had asked for a nine-year prison term. Yashin’s lawyer said that the ruling would be appealed.

On Telegram, Yashin said: "We told the truth about war crimes and called for an end to the bloodshed.”

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