A video used as propaganda by Iran shows a group of children form a North London school singing an Islamic song about massacring Jews.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, the video which was filmed earlier in 2022 in the playground of the Islamic Republic of Iran School (IRIS) located only 15 minutes from the New London synagogue in St John’s Wood, features children singing about taking part with 313 warriors in a battle “against the infidels, when (according to the present Iranian regime) Israel will be obliterated and Jews killed.”

Some of the footage in the video was taken nearby at the Islamic Centre of England (ICE), which is connected to the school and controlled by the Iranian government. ICE is currently under investigation by Britain’s Charity Commission, the Chronicle reported.

The song chanted by the school children, “Hello Commander”, has been endorsed by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who was quoted by Iranian media saying that the popularity of the song shows that Iranians are “loyal to the system.”

The video shows several rows of boys dressed in identical white shirts and black pants and girls in blue pants, white blouses and identical hijabs saluting Ayatollah Khamenei and pledging allegiance to the “commander.” The children are reportedly between 8 and 15-years-old.

Part of the lyrics state, “Without you, this life has no meaning. This life comes alive when you are here for me.” The song also speaks of fighting an apocalyptical final battle for the Mahdi, an Islamic messianic figure who Shiites believe will appear at the end of times to rid the world of evil, leading a Muslim army in a final war with 313 fighters, which the children sing in the song about joining.

The lyrics state: “We may be young but do not see us as too young. For you I will rise up and you will not see me fall. From the 313, you will see I will answer the call… Take my oath of loyalty as a warrior and servant.”

The head of the Iran Programme at the Tony Blair Institute, Kasra Aarabi, told the news outlet that the song was part of a “cult” of Mahdi that the Iranian government is using to radicalize Shiites.

“It is antisemitic to its core because it holds that before the Mahdi can return, Israel must be destroyed and all the world’s Jews put to death,” Aarabi said.