Sari Katz
Sari Katz צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

Readers across the globe were taken aback this week by the heart-melting photos of Sari, a little Israeli girl battling life-threatening cancer near her brain. In her first appearance on several Jewish sites several weeks ago, Sari’s mother explained that with several disabled children in the family, they can’t afford the life-saving surgery that Sari desperately needs.

“We were already financially drowning before Sari’s tumor was found. Now we don’t know what to do,” she explained. Click here to help>>>

The surgery and various expenses involved were estimated at over $100,000 and Yaffa and Bentzion Katz scrambled to fundraise for the surgery that would save Sari’s life. Incredibly, hundreds have been moved by their story and have collectively donated over $20,000 so far in literally a matter of days. Many readers have commented on how moved they are to see the community’s generosity.

“This makes me so proud to be a Jew.” commented one reader.

“It doesn’t matter if people donated $500 or $5, what matters is that everyone cares about this kid!”

Click here to save Sari’s life>>>

But yesterday, Sari’s mother had an urgent update to share with the public:

“The surgery needs to happen ASAP.”

After coming so close to their goal, the Katz family and their supporters are praying that they can raise the funds needed to save precious little Sari’s life before it’s too late. To help them reach their goal, visit their chesedfund page by clicking here.