Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel SmotrichOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

With the coalition talks in a stalemate, supporters of designated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have begun attacking Religious Zionism chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich online in an attempt to cause him to back down from his demands.

On Sunday, MK Smotrich took to Twitter to respond to his attackers. "People can't make us the enemy, incite against, and slander us every time we don't stand at attention to the Likud's demands. Religious Zionism is a partner of the nationalist camp and the Likud," wrote Smotrich.

"We will keep to our demands so we can ensure the quick formation of a good and sturdy government that will do good and lead a truly right-wing policy," he added.

Likud MK Dr. Shlomo Karhi responded to Smotrich and accused him of adopting the left's tactics: "Bezalel is an excellent, worthy, and trustworthy partner, and a good friend. But what he's doing in this tweet, these are the left's tactics... to take a tweet (which I strongly condemn) from some bot and to say that it represents everyone... it doesn't suit you, my good friend. Let's concentrate on what's important now and not on the background noise."

Smotrich's recent insistence to receive the Defense Portfolio has upset Benjamin Netanyahu's supporters who have begun to attack Smotrich and incite against him on social media.

"There's no difference between them, they are both disgusting scoundrels," one Twitter user wrote next to a side-by-side of Smotrich and Hamas leader Yihya Sinwar.

"One Bennett was enough, and yes Bezalel is scum," wrote another user, referring to former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Another user posted a photo of Smotrich at the Western Wall and wrote "A disgusting kipa (a play on words with the Hebrew for a knitted kipa) is a traitor."

One Netanyahu supporter commented on a pro-Smotrich tweet: "The religious zionists are a cult and Smotrich is a megalomaniac who's full of himself."