Golan Azulai, the famous Israeli actor, singer, and artist recently became a presenter for the EFRAT organization in Israel. In a recent interview with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva, Golan revealed his very personal and special connection to the work of the EFRAT organization.

It all started with a phone call from Chagai Goldschmidt, the CEO of EFRAT, who asked him to become an official presenter for EFRAT. Golan was under the assumption that the reason he was chosen was because he was an active donor. In fact Chagai told him that he was unaware of that fact and that is not why he was chosen. At that point Golan was overcome with emotions as he himself was supposed to be aborted.

Golan shared with us his repeated meetings with the late Dr. Schussheim, obm, by the gravesite of the late Baal Shem Tov. Such meetings strengthened his resolve to continue supporting EFRAT. He understood that many thousands of souls were saved over the many years EFRAT has been operating.

He shared that as a result of revealing his personal story on the EFRAT promotional video, family members approached his mother to understand what happened. This story remained untold for so many years. In recent days his mother decided to gather the family together and tell them the story. She shared with them that she became pregnant at a relatively young age and was pressured by those around her to undergo an abortion. She did not feel right with their recommendations and wanted to have her baby. As a resident of Tiberias at the time, she vowed that if she will succeed in having the baby she will celebrate this decision with a special thanksgiving meal at the gravesite of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness. Indeed, Golan was born and such a celebratory meal took place.

After she told the story to her grandchildren, Golan was called into the room and the family clapped as he entered, calling him a “saved” child.

“It was very emotional,” recounted Golan, who said with a smile that he feels that from the time he was in his mother's womb he felt that he was put in this world with a special and meaningful mission.

When asked about the controversial sentiments of some of the Israeli public surrounding EFRAT, he commented: “This entire world is about choice, whoever chooses to have an abortion that is her choice. In the video I do not say that my mother is a hero and those who choose to abort are not. The EFRAT organization feels the same! EFRAT and their leadership are very clear by saying that those who are considering an abortion and are faced with financial difficulties, they are there to help her with food, baby products, clothing, etc. To help a woman have her child costs on average only 4,500 NIS. That is nothing, another baby can be born for such little assistance!”

Golan added that abortions are also done in the Orthodox community amongst poverty-stricken families after an unplanned pregnancy, and EFRAT is there to help them financially and with that help another child is born.

“No one gives any guarantees that everything will work out, these are real challenges and in my life and the life of my mother we have faced some significant challenges. So then what? At the end I am here,” he said.

Golan concluded the interview with a personal request to join him and other EFRAT supporters who with a relatively small sum can help another woman save her child and bring more life to Israel. “Is there anything more important than that?”

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