Affixing the traditional mezuzah scroll to the new center.
Affixing the traditional mezuzah scroll to the new center.Israel National News

The opening event of the Efrat Association's community center in Jerusalem last night (Sunday) was dedicated as a mark of appreciation for the life's work of the late Dr. Eli Schussheim, who passed away two years ago. The Efrat Association provides financial and emotional support to women in crisis who feel they have no alternative but to end their pregnancies for various reasons.

The event was MCeed by Nir Salomon, the Executive Director of Efrat. Nir encouraged all those attending to do all they can to help Efrat empower Jewish women in Israel as well as cherish building families.

Hagai Goldschmidt, CEO of the association, said at the event: "Women can come here for the entire period of pregnancy and at least six months after giving birth. During this time we support them emotionally and help them get back on their feet and return to the workforce. This is one of several projects we are innovating. It's a day that on the one hand is very difficult for us, two years since the death of Dr. Schussheim, on the other hand it's a happy day because we are continuing his mission."

Cynthia Benishis-Romani, director of the center, added: "This is a wonderful place that allows women to continue their pregnancy and obtain tools for enabling the rest of the way. I feel that this is a special mission."

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Aryeh King noted that "this place is exciting because dozens of women will use its services. Beyond the warm place and the warm bed for each woman and her baby, there will also be assistance from social workers and assistance in terms of finding work."

MK Tania Mazarsky from Yesh Atid was moved by the event. "The center will be opened for any woman who wants to give birth to a child and if conditions do not allow her to, or if she has thoughts and doubts about whether she should have the child or not, the Efrat Association and this center can provide her with all the conditions so that the decision will be to preserve life and bring the child into the world. It is a mitzvah. Lives are literally being saved here."

"I am very excited and grateful to all the volunteers and those involved in the project for the support they give - financial support, emotional and spiritual support. These are very important things for every woman who is in the process of having a child," she added.

MK Yisrael Eichler said that "the late Dr. Shussheim was connected to all the important persona of Israel and who was he thinking of? About the women who find themselves in a difficult social situation and who contemplate not giving birth to their child. He tried to help them stand against every hardship, because he understood that their giving birth is the future of the people of Israel and the future of the world and anyone who brings a child into the world brings a blessing to the world. He managed to bring eighty thousand children into the world."