Yaffa Ben David
Yaffa Ben DavidHadas Parush/Flash90

After the Ministry of Finance and the teachers union failed to come to an agreement that would allow the upcoming school year to start on time, the state requested on Tuesday that the labor court issue an injunction against the ongoing teacher strike.

Earlier today the teachers union responded angrily to the Manufacturers Association's injunction request.

The Teachers Union claimed that the Manufacturers Association was not relevant to the issue. "The request's timing raises suspicion that Manufacturers Association's goal is to sabotage agreements or to force the Ministry of Finance's position on us.

The request was based on indirect and tendentious information which the association received from the media or from reports allegedly passed on by the Ministry of Finance while breaching the trust between the two sides," the Teachers Union stated.

The union added that "the association misuses its position as an organization of employers and it is expected that it doesn't use its position to submit this request."