Place where the couple was found
Place where the couple was foundPhoto: Israeli Police

After 72 hours of intensive searches for two missing residents of the north, the Israel Police reports that they were found safe and sound. Volunteers, the air unit of the Israel Police, trackers, search dogs, and the police horse unit all participated in the search, mainly in open fields. The police released a recording of the scans from the police helicopter.

The man, a resident of Arab village Kaokab Abu Al-Hija and the woman, a resident of Wadi Ara, are both in their thirties. Family members had reported to the police that the two had disappeared and had not made contact.

According to a report by Channel 12 News, about 4,500 missing persons’ cases are opened every year in Israel. Some are found but about 20 each year are added to the unsolved cases. To date, there are 600 people in the State of Israel who have disappeared without a trace since 1948.

From a preliminary investigation of the missing couple, it emerged that the two spent time at a restaurant, after which all trace of them disappeared. What complicated the police search was the lack of cooperation on the part of the woman’s family, who refused to publish her picture, thus preventing the police for getting help from the public.

The police asked the court to issue an order to publish her photo in order to allow the young woman's details to be published due to the fear for her life.

The story took a strange twist when the supposedly-missing woman repeatedly called the police's 100 hotline and hung up every time the phone was answered.

Officers tried to call her back, but she hung up. At this point they started trying to reach her through her male partner, but he also hung up as soon as he answered.

When police went to the apartment they were apparently sharing, they found it empty.

With a number of questions remaining unanswered, police report that the couple was located and that they are safe.