The Israel Prisons Service has decided that it will not fund a cosmetic nose job for terrorist Asra'a Jabas, Kan News reported.

Jabas carried out a terror attack near the al Za'im checkpoint near the city of Maaleh Adumim in 2015, and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Police officer Moshe Hen, who was at the scene when Jabas caused a gas balloo to explode, suffered burns to his face and chest, and Jabas herself suffered burns, among other things to her nose.

This is not the first time Jabas has made such a demand; however, recently she turned to the Supreme Court, which in turn led the Prisons Service to re-examine her request.

In response, Hen's lawyer turned to the Public Security Minister and Prisons Service, demanding that they prevent the operation.

The Prisons Service therefore sent a letter to Hen's lawyer, saying that, "The Prisons Service insists that the medical treatment provided to prisoners, and including the prisoner in question, will be only in accordance with what is required under law. This is what the [Service] has done and this is how it intends to continue to act."

Under Israeli law, all prisoners are eligible for medical treatment required for their health, but not for cosmetic treatments. Jabas has already undergone two surgeries to reconstruct her palms.