Nose job (illustrative)
Nose job (illustrative) iStock

Terrorist Asra'a Jabas from Jerusalem, who was injured in a terror attack she carried out, has petitioned the Supreme Court demanding that the Israel Prisons Service fund a cosmetic nose job following her injury during that terror attack.

Jabas was sentenced to 11 years in prison after she caused a gas balloon to explode in a machine near the al Za'im checkpoint near the city of Maaleh Adumim in 2015. Police officer Moshe Hen, who was at the scene, suffered burns to his face and chest, and Jabas herself suffered burns, among other things to her nose. She has asked twice to receive money for cosmetic surgery, and both times was rejected. At the same time, she has undergone multiple medical treatments at the expense of the Prisons Service.

Recently, Jabas submitted another request for the surgery, along with a new letter from an expert which points to possible harm to her functioning if she does not undergo cosmetic surgery.

Moshe Hen, the police officer who was injured in the terror attack, told Channel 12 News, "When I think about this I get stressed. I have post trauma and it is very difficult and significant for me. There were another four full buses there and the fire reached a height of four stories."

"If I hadn't been there, everyone would've been burned. I received an honor for it, for the bravery, but I don't feel that I did anything at all. Now this terrorist wants to do an operation, what's the conclusion? That everyone who carries out an attack goes to jail, gets a degree, and also comes out looking gorgeous."

"The entire People of Israel are harmed by these terror attacks, and they give terrorists the entire basket of medications. We are an amazing country but in these things, when a person is in jail so that he can harm, I simply don't understand how a person can receive both a degree and cosmetic treatment."

Israel Prisons Service responded: "The Prisons Service stands behind its refusal to fund a cosmetic treatment for the prisoner. We emphasize that the Prisons Service is a law-abiding organization which is subject to legal decisions and the country's laws, among them the requirement to provide medical treatment to every prisoner if he needs it to protect his health. The legal decision is with regards to the prisoner's legal right to submit a request another medical procedure. If she submits one, professionals in the Prisons Service will examine her request in accordance with protocol."