The Democrats are leading Biden to the slaughter
The Democrats are leading Biden to the slaughter

It's amazing how the Democrat leadership gets away with their ignoring the safety and well being of Americans while pursuing a nearly four year constant attack on President Trump. It's obvious now that as part of their attempt to unseat him in November, they are weaving in the frightening "death by virus" numbers as their sole, major campaign strategy. That is their magic bullet.

Unfortunately for them, Joe Biden, being propped up in his basement for choreographed, set up interviews, is hoping against hope that this lockdown situation continues on as an excuse for him not to leave his corner to engage in the prize fight of his life. The sooner the opening bell rings for the economy to start its surge from a standstill position, the worse it is for his now-sweating-bullets campaign staff. He will then have to emerge to travel the country, speak in person to crowds and unveil to them just how severe his dementia is.

People, including rank and file Democrats are curious. "Is he really as unstable as he appears in videos?" "What is the next gaffe he'll make?"They will copy cat blood thirsty race car fans.They'll  turn out in droves to watch Biden,hoping to carry tales back to the neighborhood of his spaced out, bungled mis-statements or his inevitable groping of the nearest female child, woman or skirted, local official. His campaign stops will in all porbability turn into a freak show.

I talked to a buddy who is an in figure of note within the leadership of the Palm Beach Democrat Party and who demanded anonymity for his safety, and was told that this group, every single one of them, including S. Florida Congresspeople Ted Deutch and Lois Frankel, are petrified to invite him to their local events. They are frightened to death that he will make an embarrassing non sequitur comment or go off on an uncontrollable cursing rant against someone who irritates him. Palm Beach is a vital locale they must win to take Florida's 29 electoral votes. In person, a Biden moment could blow it all. He cannot be choreographed.

For that reason, the more grieving families of Chinese Virus victims depicted in the biased media, the better for the Democrats. The more crippling the shut down is and no matter how much  it harms our citizens, the better for the Democrats. The longer the unemployment lines and the more stories of despair, the better are Biden's chances.

His party's leaders ignore the damage to the nation's economy, to our financial stability, to our school systems and to our defense. National chaos to the Democrats is now their evening and wake up prayer. They have nothing else to campaign on. They wasted four years concocting obvious fanciful charges against Trump that are now seen by any thinking person  as merely futile plots to unseat him.

The public keenly sees through these attempts as criminal in nature and although our justice system has not yet seen fit to prosecute top members of Democrat Party who used the FBI, IRS and Justice Department as part of the scheme to defraud voters of their presidential choice in 2016, these same citizens will flock to the polls this November to take justice into their own hands and re-elect President Trump to his second term in office. And when he wins, just watch the fur fly as he will no longer have to hold back in order to garner support for a third term.

Poor Joe, being led to the slaughter by those who have no regard for him or our nation.