Europe fears Islam
Europe fears Islam

Muslims and Islamic extremists are arriving en masse in a continent that is collapsing demographically and culturally. And there are even important voices, such as that of French philosopher Michel Onfray, who are ready to capitulate and to renounce the Judeo-Christian civilization.

I am not. Europe should not be willing to surrender. Otherwise, nothing will stand on the road between one billion Muslims and their dream to build a caliphate in Europe. Our hedonists are not even willing to fight for an Iphone.

Secularization and apathy are killing what Europe built over centuries. The churches are empty everywhere: Brussels, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin. Even the Pope, Francis, refuses to talk about Europe. He simply considers it lost. In France there are 80 new priests every year. In Italy you find the same crazy desperation. Open the televisions during the evening: and you will see how people are brainwashed with programs about “wellness”: food, sexual pleasure, body care. It is the new Karl Marx, the “opium of people”.

Unlike the mainstream narrative, the relations between Europe and Islam for fifteen centuries have never been “a dialogue of civilizations.”
Islamic extremists, meanwhile, launch their challenge: transforming Europe’s democracies according to their plans for government by sharia and nutrition by halal, in cafes, in food, in clothing, in the whole idea of ​​the society. They use terror and wombs. In 1914, the Arab world had between 35 million to 40 million people. In 2015, 378 million. In Africa, the population will double to 950 million by 2050, particularly in the Sahel. During this period, Europe will have lost millions of inhabitants due to aging and falling fertility. You can imagine the consequences of this historic demographic changing.

Unlike the mainstream narrative, the relations between Europe and Islam for fifteen centuries have never been “a dialogue of civilizations.” Islam expanded for centuries on the two sides of the Mediterranean and from India to Ukraine. Pierre Lellouche in his new book “Une guerre sans fin” writes that “over the last hundred years we created a 'limes', a boundary between West and Islam”. That border is collapsing and Islam is submerging Europe, again.

Europe opened its borders to mass immigration, a phenomenon that political Islam sees as a form of “peaceful conquest”. Think about France: in forty years, the number of Muslims in France has reached 6 million. These countries have closed their eyes voluntarily. And tomorrow? The demographics will double in Africa, in Sahel in particular, where 200 million people live. And this mass of people will move north. To Europe. And it is there that radical Islam is growing.

Islamic extremists are already changing our societies, they have eliminated Theo van Gogh, Charlie Hebdo, so that today no one says anything about the Prophet of Islam. It means being condemned to death. Salman Rushdie still lives under a fatwa. All the newspapers and writers have adopted self-censorship. Muslim suprematists use our freedoms to destroy them. Across Europe there are dozens of parallel societies, a sort of Kosovo. Molenbeek, in Brussels, is the most famous one. But you find one in Birmingham, UK’s second largest city, where most of the Jihadists live.

It is not true that we cannot defeat our enemies. In our penal system there are many anti-terrorism instruments, but Europe refuses to use them for fear of an Islamic insurgency. We are not fighting seriously. We are saying to people, “learn to live with terrorism”. France, in the past 2 years, refused to approve all the laws it needed to destroy radical Islam.

Europe fears Islam and is running from its responsability.

A civil war looms in Europe's future, one of low intensity attacks and reorganizations. Meanwhile, our élites are betraying both history and people. France’s Education Minister Belkacem has started a program to erase medieval history from textbooks. The Christian roots of France must disappear.

We’re not winning this war, we are just learning to adapt to terrorism, while facing a process of Islamization that is an existential threat to Western civilization.