An Arab terrorist attacked an Israeli car north of Jerusalem Friday morning, prompting Israeli soldiers in the area to open fire.

The incident occurred less than a mile outside of the Israeli town of Beit El, when an Arab terrorist armed with a knife hurled a cinder block at an Israeli car, damaging the windshield.

When the car slowed, the terrorist attempted to open the vehicle’s doors.

IDF soldiers stationed in the area responded by opening fire on the terrorist, who approached one soldier while brandishing a knife.

The terrorist was shot and seriously wounded, and was evacuated to a hospital for treatment.

After being neutralized, the terrorist was found to be carrying not only a knife but also a bottle of acid.

The driver, a resident of Beit El named Yair HaKohen, told Israel National News that he was attacked as he slowed as the road turned sharply.

"As I slowed, I didn't see him approach, and suddenly there was a loud smashing noise from the windshield, and immediately afterwards the terrorist tried to open the door, but failed and then fled."

MK Itamar Ben-Gvir (Religious Zionist Party) responded to the incident with a statement Friday morning: “The stone-throwing terrorism is happening every day across Judea and Samaria; miraculously, most of the attacks end without injuries or only minor injuries.”

“But one day those miracles could end, with terrible consequences. The Israeli government must increase security for residents. Beit El must be [secured] like Tel Aviv. Residents of Judea and Samaria are not second class citizens.”