Haredi man and soldier at the Kotel
Haredi man and soldier at the Kotel Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

A number of years ago, the OU Israel Center and Torah Tidbits were criticized by a public announcement for saying: A Jew who does not thank G-d for the State of Israel is blind.

We were branded anti-haredi.

Notice that we didn't say, a Jew who does not observe Yom Haatzmaut is blind. There are many halakhic issues that some Jews grapple with. Hallel or not. With a bracha or not. What about the Omer? And more.
Leave it all aside for the moment.

OU Israel does celebrate Yom Haatzmaut with Hallel, etc. I even shave in honor of the day.
Leave that aside too.

Bottom line: The State of Israel (with any faults it might have) opened the door to a country - and not just any country - the Land that G-d promised us and has given us - to any and all Jews who want to come here.

No longer will there be quotas, and refusals, and a shipload of almost 1000 Jews turned away by several countries. This alone is enough - and there is so much more.

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