Outside the wedding hall in Bnei Brak
Outside the wedding hall in Bnei BrakMDA

Police investigating a minor explosion that occurred in a wedding hall in Bnei Brak on Wednesday evening believe that it was caused by fireworks used in an unsafe and illegal manner. Seven people were injured, two moderately and five lightly, in the incident.

"Following an inspection conducted at the scene by police officials, the suspicion has arisen that an apparatus for spraying confetti was used to shoot fireworks and was operated by a minor who was a guest at the event," police said in a statement. "The investigation is ongoing."

In addition to those evacuated to hospital, several wedding guests were treated for anxiety, according to United Hatzalah volunteer Moshe Schiffer. "We provided assistance at the scene to two people who were moderately injured and five others who were lightly to moderately injured. We evacuated two people to Maayan Hayeshua Medical Center, and also, due to the nature of the incident, provided assistance to a number of people suffering from anxiety."

MDA paramedic Guy Arazi recounted: “When we arrived at the scene there was a lot of commotion on the nearby street and inside the hall. We entered the hall and found three young men in their twenties, fully conscious and suffering from injuries to the upper body. After surveying the area to make sure there were no additional casualties, we provided the injured with medical treatment to stop bleeding and evacuated them to hospital."

According to data from the Beterem Organization for Child Safety, in the last decade 116 children and adolescents needed emergency room treatment after being injured by firecrackers.

Orly Silvinger, CEO of Beterem, said: "Firecrackers are explosives in every way, and are therefore dangerous to use. Every year leading up to Purim, we see an increase in the number of chidren injured as a result of such explosives, and some are left with lifelong injuries. We must eradicate this phenomenon - explosives are not child's play."