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Piers Portman, a British aristocrat who is the son of the 9th Viscount and the heir to a $400 million fortune and 100 acres of West End of London property, was sentenced on Friday to four months in prison for calling the head of the Campaign Against Antisemitism “Jewish scum” outside a courthouse in 2018.

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Gregory Perrins said that Portman, 50, had “strongly-held anti-Semitic beliefs” and had “deliberately targeted [Campaign Against Antisemitism chief executive Gideon Falter] because of his role in prosecuting Alison Chabloz.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism described Chabloz as “an anti-Semite who has been repeatedly imprisoned following work by Campaign Against Antisemitism.”

Perrins told Portman: “You said you’re an honourable British gentleman. You’re anything but.”

The judge sentenced Portman to four months in prison, with the possibility of early release after two months. He also ordered him to pay a $13,800 fine, pay an additional $13,8000 compensation to Falter, and to cover court costs.

Falter said that he is donated the $13,8000 to Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Portman was charged for approaching Falter at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on June 14, 2018 following the sentencing of Chabloz – a “private prosecution against Ms Chabloz which the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) took over, and which ultimately led to a conviction and landmark legal precedent,” Campaign Against Antisemitism said.

Falter had been at the court to testify against Chabloz.

According to Campaign Against Antisemitism, “Mr. Portman followed Mr. Falter out of the courtroom and confronted him in the lobby of the court building, where an enraged Mr. Portman came close to Mr. Falter and said: ‘I’m Piers Portman. I have written to you before. Come after me, you Jewish scum. Come and persecute me. Come and get me.’”

Falter noted that he was “extremely reassured by this sentence.”

The jail term “sends a very clear message to anti-Semites that even the wealthiest and most privileged cannot escape British justice,” he said.

He added: “I have been awarded £10,000 [$13,800 USD] in compensation which I am donating to Campaign Against Antisemitism to help us ensure that anti-Jewish racists like Mr. Portman face the consequences of their actions.”