Joe Biden during meeting with Naftali Bennett
Joe Biden during meeting with Naftali BennettREUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

A clip from US President Joe Biden's meeting last week with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett went viral because it appears to show the president falling asleep while the prime minister was talking to him.

But does it?

Arutz Sheva correspondent Yoni Kempinski, who accompanied Prime Minister Bennett's entourage to Washington, painstakingly went over the video to understand exactly what was going on in the moments Biden lowered his head and appeared to doze off.

In a close-up of Biden's face it can be seen that while the president indeed lowers his head, it does not fall. His eyes remain open and his fingers twitch as he listens to Bennett's words of praise for his administration.

The moment Bennett finishes, Biden immediately snaps back to say that "much" of the credit for America's commitment to maintaining Israel's qualitative military edge in the Middle East belongs to former President Barack Obama.