MK Yomtov Kalfon
MK Yomtov KalfonKnesset Channel

A discussion to mark the 2005 mass expulsions from Gush Katif (the Gaza Strip) and northern Samaria took place in the Knesset plenum today (Tuesday).

MK Yomtob Kalfon of the Yamina party spoke at the hearing and said, " Although I have not yet made my first speech, the Knesset today marks the day of displacement from Gush Katif and northern Samaria and I cannot help but comment. Here in this room, the fate of 8,600 Jews who were expelled from their homes was determined in an act of folly."

"Unfortunately, I don't see any soul-searching being done. I have been sitting here in the plenum for the past few weeks and I hear the opposition leader, MK Benjamin Netanyahu talking about the biggest scam in the history of Israel, when he refers to the current government, as do his opposition members. One of them also spoke of "we won't forgot or forgive" when he spoke of the current coalition and not of Gush Katif. It is an attempt to reduce the horrific act and whitewash history," he added.

He said, "Friends, the biggest scam in the history of Israel is the Likud government declaring: 'The law of Netzarim as the law of Tel Aviv' and in the end destroying Gush Katif. The person who was a partner in this fraud and voted in favor of the disengagement in all Knesset votes is Benjamin Netanyahu, along with 23 Likud members, some of whom are still sitting here today. That - we will not forget or forgive."