Ezra Sheinberg
Ezra Sheinberg Basel Awidat/Flash90

The Nazareth District Court on Monday will hold a hearing to discuss Ezra Sheinberg's request to shorten his sentence, Makor Rishon reported.

Sheinberg, who previously served as a yeshiva dean in the northern city of Tzfat, admitted to and was convicted of sex offenses against women in the community he led.

Sheinberg has asked to be released due to "good conduct" in prison. His request for release will be discussed in court due to requests by the Prosecutor's Office and the women he hurt that the State re-examine the danger he presents and not rush to grant him an administrative release after he served just two-thirds of his sentence.

Meanwhile, Sheinberg's victims are fighting to prevent his early release from prison, which would be allowed under a plea bargain that was accepted against their wishes.

Three weeks ago, Sheinberg was ordered to pay 388,0000 shekels ($119,090) to a resident of northern Israel, in compensation for the emotional damage he caused her after she fell victim to his sexual crimes.

That woman responded to the ruling by saying: "I thank all those who held my hands and supported me. Whoever thought that this world is a free-for-all should know today that there is judgement, and there is a judge, in heaven and on earth."

In April, one of Sheinberg's victims told Kan Reshet Bet: "A sex offender who mocks the judicial system is about to be released. He apologized to the judges for thinking that he is the messiah, but he continues to torture us."