Segalovitz, Revivo and Bar-Lev
Segalovitz, Revivo and Bar-Lev Spokesperson

Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev, and his deputy, MK Yoav Segalovitz, arrived on Thursday for a meeting in the city of Lod with Mayor Yair Revivo as part of his first tour as a minister of a local authority.

During the meeting, the mayor presented his plan "Lod First" to increase governance and strengthen personal security in the city of Lod.

Alongside the social and economic chapters of the "Lod First" plan, the chapter on strengthening personal security was presented, which includes accelerating the construction of a new police station in the city, significantly strengthening the manpower, expanding the enforcement system and establishing a city-wide camera center city, establishing a municipal security corporation and more.

Bar-Lev said, "I chose to come to the city of Lod first, also due to the urgency of the issue but mainly to convey a message. The ministry under my leadership does not intend to ignore one of the most prominent issues in Israel - to strengthen security and reduce violence in mixed cities and the Arab sector. We will work for the personal safety of all citizens, Jews and Arabs alike."

Mayor Revivo said, "The city of Lod is a microcosm of Israeli society. We went through difficult events in the past month but we look to the future - to continue the process of turning the city into a major residential, employment and transportation center in the heart of Israel. The Lod First program is a tool for strengthening the governance and personal security of Lod residents, and the success of the program will be replicated in other cities. On behalf of the residents of the city, I thank Minister Omer Bar-Lev and Deputy Minister Yoav Segalovitz for their attention and desire to work for the city soon."