Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan NasrallahFlash 90

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday evening delivered a speech in which he threatened Israelis.

"We are not interested in a confrontation or a war, but if war is imposed on us, we will fight," the Hezbollah secretary general declared.

"After all the recent threats from Israel, no one can say that things will not deteriorate into war. The Israeli home front will see things it has not seen since the establishment of Israel," he warned.

The intelligence branch’s assessment for 2021 states that in recent weeks the IDF has identified a willingness by Hezbollah to initiate a limited escalation for two to three days, in a way reminiscent of the rounds of fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Nasrallah’s speech came as the IDF concluded its “Vered Hagalil” surprise drill in the north, which simulated a war with Hezbollah.

During the drill, the Israel Air Force managed to meet its goal of attacking 3,000 targets in one day of combat.

The "Vered Hagalil" exercise tested all components in the IAF's core missions, including maintaining aerial superiority, protecting the country's skies, and attacking and gathering intelligence.

The exercise examined the planning, control and execution processes of these missions, as well as end-to-end logistics and technological capabilities, with an emphasis on maintaining aerial freedom of action and full functional continuity.