police enforce lockdown
police enforce lockdown Eitan Elchadrez / TPS

Senior officials within the health system recommended extending the current lockdown by another week, it was reported after a discussion took place on the issue in the office of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The Coronavirus Czar, Prof. Nachman Ash, suggested two scenarios during the discussion: starting the exit from the lockdown next week as planned but in a gradual and slow manner.

Alongside this, Ash also offered the possibility of extending the lockdown - which was the option preferred by the Health Ministry - but having the opening be faster when it does occur.

Netanyahu himself supported a further extension of the lockdown to try and achieve a more significant reduction in morbidity numbers.

There is a great deal of concern in the health system that a further increase in morbidity will create a burden on the already crowded coronavirus hospital wards, especially when several hospitals are refusing to accept new patients due to a lack of resources.

Earlier, Hadassah Hospital director Prof. Zeev Rotstein informed the Health Ministry that the hospital would be unable to accept any more coronavirus patients beginning tomorrow due to a lack of equipment and medication for patients.

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