Winter is here and January has begun, but in Israel the flu has not yet been identified this year, it was reported this morning, Sunday, on Kan News.

Data from the Israeli Center for Disease Control (ICDC) show that there is a moderate increase in the incidence of pneumonia, but the overall morbidity rate due to respiratory infections is lower than expected at this time of year.

The report added that according to estimates, the low morbidity rate is due to both an increase in the rate of vaccination against influenza and a decrease in infection due to the decrease in world travel and the increased use of masks.

At the same time, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Saturday night that he intends to propose to the government that a full lockdown be imposed for two weeks, in view of the increase in cases of coronavirus and the discovery of the British variant of the virus in Israel.

The Health Minister's Office said that "in the face of a significant and alarming increase in morbidity and the number of serious patients, and the discovery of mutations, Health Minister Edelstein intends to bring a government proposal for a full lockdown for a short period of two weeks. This is in light of the recommendation of the professionals of the ministry. The Minister of Health calls on all decision-makers to act responsibly and to refrain from election-related populism."