Gantz instructs party colleagues
Gantz instructs party colleaguesFlash 90

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz announced to Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel that he would be removed from his position in the government and that MK Zvi Hauser would be removed from his post as Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Gantz said that "Hauser and Hendel chose their new political home and thus ended their career as officials on behalf of Blue and White."

Blue and White chairman Gantz decided to fire Hauser and Hendel after the two announced that they would join MK Gideon Sa'ar's new political party.

Hauser and Hendel announced last Wednesday that they would support Sa'ar's candidacy for prime minister in the next election.

"Derech Eretz will join the movement of Gideon Sa'ar in the upcoming elections. This is the natural home for hundreds of thousands of supporters of the right, people like us who are searching for a new home. We need an alternative to Netanyahu," MK Hendel said.

"The State of Israel is in an ongoing managerial crisis, two years of political chaos that stems solely from Netanyahu's decision to put his personal good before the good of the state," he added.

"I did everything I could to form a state unity government. We compromised, we hoped, but Netanyahu did not take this opportunity to get off the stage properly. There is no room for further compromises.

“Being right-wing does not mean being a ‘Bibist’ and acting based on what’s best for the leader, but rather the opposite, but to make decisions based on ideology. Likud has become mixed up in the past few years. Gideon Sa’ar has not,” Hendel concluded.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, MK Zvi Hauser, criticized the prime minister: "In the last two years, since I was elected to the Knesset, I have done my best to try and bring unity to Israel, I have done so at the cost of difficult compromises."

''Yoaz and I, seeing before our eyes a fragmented and disintegrating society, worked to prevent a minority government with the support of the Joint Arab List that would have further shattered cohesion, and we consciously preferred to give the unity government a chance. But Netanyahu chose to continue to divide Israel precisely in a time of unbearable crisis. Unfortunately, this government has failed to do its job," Hauser added.